Laundering of Moroccan Cushion Covers

We often get asked if our Moroccan Cushion Covers can be washed… and the answer is yes! 

If you saw how they are cleaned before leaving Morocco for Australia you would see how durable they are. They are scrubbed with a brush using a special detergent then rinsed thoroughly with water. They were once a floor rug in a previous life, covering the floor of a busy Moroccan home, so they had to be super durable.

Wool fibres are extremely strong and long-lasting and when wet cleaning, the wool fibres swell and release dirt particles, to enable then to continue looking clean and fresh. Wool also does not attract lint so your pets floor cushion wont be covered in other debris on your floors.

Environmentally friendly

Wool is a natural product, rather than being man-made and grows continuously on grazing sheep. Additionally in landfill, wool will decompose leaving no harmful residues.

Soft and Cosy

Wool’s unique texture and springiness, combined with its luxurious warmth will ensure your pet is super cosy and has a comfortable night’s sleep. Combined with a pillow style insert, your pet will sink into their cushion to envelope their body.

Health benefits

Wool has the unique property to be hypo-allergenic and does not promote the growth of dust mites or bacteria or give off any harmful emissions.

The laundering part…

So how do we suggest cleaning them? They can be washed in a washing machine using cold water on a wool/delicate cycle using a liquid wool wash available at supermarkets. If your machine isnt big enough or you’d prefer not to use a machine, you can also lay your cushion outside, for example, on a driveway or deck, or put it in the bathtub, wet it with cold water and give it a scrub with your hands with the wool wash. Rinse then lay out to dry. Once washed they can be laid flat in the sun to dry. In nice weather they dry really fast or if dried inside the home, it will only take a couple of days.

In between washes, they can be vacuumed (just be careful if your cushion has any longer fibres that may get caught in your machine) or taken outside for a good shake! A shake up will also fluff up the pillow insert to keep your pets bed feeling comfortable.

And did we mention Moroccan decor is super on trend right now and will look amazing in your home?!

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